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Company Profile

Acid Security Services Ltd. was incorporated under the Companies Act in August 1997. The Company is also licensed under the Private Security Regulation Authority as a Contract Security Organization and is a Registered Tax Payer under the General Consumption Tax Act. The company can be located with the head office at 10 James Avenue, Ocho Rios P.O St Ann and other locations on Port Antonio Post Office Building, 22 Albion Road Portland, Ewarton Post Office Building, and in Montego Bay, St Catherine and Kingston.

This makes it a virtual island-wide operation. The Board of Directors is made up of professionals in the field of Finance, Human Resources, Police, Military and Marketing. At present the company is operating with many locations, some of which are seasonal. Most of these locations are in the Tourism Industry. Schools and other businesses make up the remainder. There is presently an adequate complement of guards working at these locations. There is also an amount of guards on standby. There is a fleet of vehicles, which makes the company mobile. The macro-environment gives rise to a need for security by businesses and the general public.

Crime and violence, murders and death are at an all-time high and are constantly seizing the headlines in our land. There is an increase in the level of bad and boorish behavior among our young people and it cuts across all boundaries in our society and makes our island a very trying place in which to live. In “Jamaica land we love” steps have to be taken to keep the destructive elements and the productive elements apart, and the “middle man” must be the Security Company. At Acid we provide an effective, courteous and professional service. Our services are highly regarded by both our clients and our competitors. Upon request we will arrange private, verbal or written references from our clients. Please contact us and let us know how we can best serve your needs and interests.

Security Guard


✦ There will be One (1) supervisor per shift each day.

✦ Supervisors will be equipped with telephones.

✦ Securities are given a network to communicate to the office.

✦ Securities are given base credit free that is rechargeable at the end of the period.

✦ All key personnel on location will be issued with site radios.

✦ Standard issue of batons

✦ Flashlight

✦ Rain-cloaks

✦ Work vests & Illuminated vests that are automatic

✦ First Aid kit

✦ Identification cards

✦ Uniform (Shirt, pants, caps, vests & jackets)

✦ Boots if necessary

✦ Tool kit

✦ A security pouch & note book

✦ ID cards

CCTV security systems

Why Choose Us

☛ Our Professionalism – We are supported by tried & true standard operating practices, backed up by a fully compliant internal review system which ensures delivery of service.

☛ Our Compliance – Our service is fully registered & compliant with all Government State, National legislative requirements & Codes of Practice.

☛ Our Expertise – We have a wide range of expertise serving clients across many industries including Retail, Government Agencies, Schools and Residents.

☛ Our Commitment – We will appoint a Personal Client Manager who is always available for your business, giving you a dedicated point of contact for all of your needs.

☛ Our Local Reach – Our coverage is truly widespread, with offices & affiliates in practically all parishes.

Our Focus is your Business – Your team will have more comfort to focus on productivity & more importantly, focus on the most important component of YOUR business, The Customer. 


☛ The Company has a full complement of approximately six hundred (600) guards full time and part-time as well as over three hundred (300) on call.

☛ A monthly recruitment test is conducted to guarantee man-power development and to produce professional, honest and law abiding security officers. This includes a written test in English Language, Mathematics, General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

☛ The successful applicants are interviewed to determine work experience and ethics. Recommendations are sought from Justice of the peace (J.P.), Pastors and Police.

☛ Background checks are done with each applicant from their stated references as well as past employers.

☛ A clean criminal record and fingerprint is a definite asset and forms part of our mandatory recruiting procedure.

☛ If when necessary the company is selected then all guards assigned to the location will be drug tested and the results forwarded to the client before assuming duty.

☛ The mandatory eighty (80) hour training program for guards will be adopted to further assert in producing effective security officers.

☛ Monthly training seminar is conducted for working guards as well as aspiring and part-time officers.

☛ All of our Supervisors are Ex-military or Ex-police officers.

☛ Junior supervisors are promoted from within after reasonable time in the ranks and reasonable exposure to training and experience.


Acid Protective Services Limited key goal in mind is to assist you with an all-encompassing security solution that allows your organization to operate efficiently, effectively and safely.

Acid Protective Services Limited is in business to provide a peace of mind to our clients and customers through top of the line innovative and affordable systems. Our clients and customers are 100% satisfied with the services that we have available to your needs as we always strive to offer more than just great security services.

Our team of experts will create the safest environment for you to conduct your businesses with the assurance that all your security risks have been accounted for and non-existing. With over 18 years of experience in providing security solutions for various commercial, industrial and residential clients, facilitating over 200 guards on staff. Acid is poised to satisfy all your security needs.


The Acid Protective Services Limited Company provided security for The Doctor Bird Barge, Old Harbour Bay for approximately three (3) years and has been exposed to the various operations at Port. We are experienced in emergency evacuation, safety drills and fire-drills etc. We are also experienced in providing security to large educational campuses as we have worked at Sam Sharpe Teachers College, Moneague College and College of Agriculture, Science and Education for over four (4) years. Acid Security has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry as well as operating in factories and warehouses. We have worked at Mothers Stores, Bashco stores, Mainland International Hardware, Choices Enterprises, Fairway Distributors, Johnson & Johnson, E. Phil and Sons site yards and warehouses island wide.


Acid Protective Services operates island wide with offices in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Ewarton with an option on base and office space at Chambers Lane, Liguanea for the Kingston Region. An active presence or our services exists in Kingston along with sufficient resources for manpower is available to aid expansion.

☛ Ocho Rios: 10 James Avenue, Ocho Rios P.O. ST Ann, Jamaica W.I.

Tell: (876) 974-0526
Cell: (876) 383-8233
Fax: (876) 974-3182

☛ Ewarton: Main Street Ewarton. Ewarton Post Office, Ewarton P.O. ST Catherine, Jamaica W.I

Tell: (876) 705-6940
Cell: (876) 854-6855


Acid Protective enjoys a/an amicable relationship with its clients, with key words being trust, reliability and professionalism. Our retention rate annually is approximately 97% as we hardly lose locations. Most of our clients are with us for over three (3) years to as much as nine (9) years. Please see a list of our clients, present and past, and feel free to contact any of them at any time. We support clients in various fields of business including schools, libraries, retail, industry, housing, enterprise, hospitality, medicine and even government. A number of our clients have been loyal customers for over 10 years and still hold us in high regard; this highlights the high level of consistent & dedicated service we provide. Our special referral discounts, unique add-on free services and flexible systems ensure our clients receive the most valued services at competitive rates.

Monthly reports are prepared for outlining the activities of the previous month. This enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of our services. You will file and evaluate forms attached with your monthly statements of observations and comments. This two-way approach to evaluate our installments will help us to correct problems in a timely fashion. The management of Acid Protective Services Ltd will periodically visit your location to access the total program of your security, to make recommendations for improvements and to liaise with you to determine whether there is any way we may be able to serve you better.

Bio data for Company Directors

Name: Lennon Richards (Mr.)

Position: Managing Director

Qualifications: Public Policy – ( Ph.D.)

Name: Lynda Richards (Mrs.)

Position: Human Resources & Employee Benefits – Director

Qualifications: Business Management – (Assoc. Deg.)

Name: Milholland Barker (Mr.)

Position: General Manager

Qualifications: Diploma in Education / Diploma in Business Administration

Professional Security Service Provider